Lowers Long Distance SIP termination rates, a leading SIP provider specializing in high volume SIP termination solutions, has announced a large price drop in the rate for wholesale SIP termination to the United States. Typical customers that can benefit from this are outbound contact, SIP aggregators & resellers, and enterprise customers.

According to it is only a matter of time before this lower rates will trickle down into the consumer and SMB market. SIP continues to keep replacing TDM circuits at an ever faster pace. By concentrating on the wholesale termination market we are able to offer rates far below a penny a minute, Mark Breeze added.

Besides wholesale traffic, also specializes in the very specific niche of short duration calls. Especially in this political season, with all the voice broadcasting and robocalls, the amount of traffic with a short duration goes up tremendously. Many carriers do not like this traffic, but does not seem to shy away from it and even has a special offer in place for these types of customers.

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