VoIP Shortage Expected due to Political Campaigns

Wholesale SIP carrier SipTrunks.org is predicting a shortage of VoIP paths and therefor has opened pre-registration for political campaign.

In order to provide campaign teams and political robocall providers with enough capacity, the wholesale VoIP company decided to start working on a first come, first served basis.

“Even though many people don’t like to receive RoboCalls and this type of dialing is heavily regulated and often not allowed, most political organisations are exempt from using the DNC registry. During the last elections, we saw such a high surge in demand for reliable, quality routes that we decided we needed a better system to prioritize whom we sell capacity to and to form partnerships with our downstream carriers in advance so we can handle the volume. That’s why we decided to start our pre-registration for robocalls and campaign teams system”, stated their VP of Carrier Relations.

According to Mr. M. Breeze, the increase in demand often leads to so called routes become “contaminated”, where one carrier sends VoIP calls to another carrier, whom in turn buys from the same carrier the original call originated. This can cause many calls not to complete, or even drop during the conversation.

The 2016 Presidential primary schedule is currently being assembled.

Organasations interested in SipTrunks.org’s pre-registry may go here for more information.