Wholesale Long Distance Rates Drop Below Quarter Penny

TelecomSupportDesk.com today announced that the termination rates for wholesale long distance have dropped below $0.002 per minute (2/10th of a penny) in many areas. Wholesale LD is used mostly by carriers, calling card providers and small CLECs. Even though their voice traffic in most cases originates and terminates via the traditional TDM, they are able to take advantage of these low SIP (VoIP) rates by also transporting the voice traffic as SIP.

TelecomSupportDesk is able to offer these low rates by using very deep LCR (Lowest Cost Routing) tables. Having contracts with over 15 national carriers, they are able to send the traffic through the carrier that offeres the lowest rate.

“An additional benefit of using that many carriers, is that our network is very redundant and fail safe. If a route from carrier A goes down, we can seamlessly switch all traffic through one of our many other carriers.”

As more carriers switch their traffic from traditional telephony to VoIP based SIP routes, we hope that the far lower costs accociated will soon result in lower rates for all end users.

About TelecomSupportDesk

TelecomSupportDesk.com offers a wide range of SMB and Enterprice telecom related services. Their core focus however lies on the call center industry and wholesale termination for carriers. For more information or to request a quote please visit their Wholesale LD SIP Termination page