Wholesale Voice Customers Finally Get A Break

Wholesale VoIP customers are going through rough times. Rate increases, additional tariffs and even penalties for a low ALOC (Average Length Of Call) or ASR are common practice with carriers across the board.

However, the TelecomSupportDesk today announced an innovative initiative where such customers with a call volume of over 300k calls per month terminating in the United States can claim their portion of these surcharges – compensation that would otherwise go to the originating ILEC or CLEC.

According to Mark Breeze at TelecomSupportDesk this can add up to significant sums of money. “We are talking tenths of pennies per call, which does not sound that significant. But we see customers doing millions of calls per month and with that kind of volume, it surely starts to add up”.

It is a change that can be done in minutes and you don’t even have to change your calling route or provider to take advantage of this ‘loophole’ that local phone companies try to keep hidden. To find out exactly how this works and what is involved; companies can request additional information at dipfees.com