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New AT&T Cloud Based Remote Patient Monitoring Service

Today’s patient-centered model puts the responsibility on healthcare providers to understand more about their patients outside of the hospital. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology is reinventing the age-old notion of the house call. Now, that house call can happen over video on a wirelessly connected tablet.

AT&T* plans to deliver a new cloud-based RPM Software-as-a Service (SaaS) from Ericsson that utilizes its service enablement platform and Intuitive Health software to facilitate better management of chronic diseases and help reduce hospital readmissions. The interactive service’s video component will provide helpful coaching, reminders and health education. AT&T has been piloting the RPM SaaSsolution with large health systems, academic medical centers and home care providers. It is expected to be available in 2013.

The AT&T RPM SaaS will join the AT&T ForHealthSM suite of RPM services that includes an end-to-end managed RPM service powered by Valued Relationships Inc. The end-to-end service allows a nurse-staffed telemonitoring center to monitor patients around the clock, following standard of care guidelines established by physicians and healthcare providers and using an open architecture that supports Bluetooth-enabled devices.

How AT&T RPM SaaS Works:

Patients will be able to check vitals daily using Bluetooth-enabled devices and easily make the data available to their providers, helping to improve quality of care and potentially saving time, money and healthcare resources.

  • Data is automatically collected from wirelessly connected personal health devices such as blood pressure cuffs, weight scales and pulse oximeters, and sent over the AT&T network to the cloud-based system from Ericsson.
  • Healthcare providers can access the information through a highly-secure portal, designed to comply with HIPAA’s Security Rule requirements.
  • Since the data is collected electronically, it can be shared among multiple caregivers and physicians through a highly-secure infrastructure, eliminating information gaps and duplication in reporting and helping to provide a more well-rounded view of the patient.
  • The Intuitive Health application helps providers to implement and manage care plans and integrate the resulting data with clinician workflows.

“Live, on-demand, two-way video enables a personal connection for the patient and doctor, extending the relationship beyond the hospital walls,” said Geeta Nayyar, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer, AT&T ForHealth, AT&T Business Solutions. “Video makes it possible for a physician to see clinical signs and indicators such as skin color, mood, affect and determine whether a patient is utilizing devices and medications appropriately.”

The Evolution of RPM:

The approach evolved from AT&T and Intuitive Health’s work with Texas Health Resources using RPM technology to support a research study that will be completed in December 2013. The AT&T Foundry® worked with AT&T ForHealth, Ericsson and Intuitive Health to enhance the solution by integrating real-time high definition video, allowing customers to access their applications and services from nearly anywhere and almost any device. This AT&T Foundry® work has implications across a number of Health IT solutions where presence and video can help increase engagement and efficacy.

AT&T’s RPM solutions will be demonstrated at booth #801 at the mHealth Summit in the Washington DC area from Dec. 3-5, 2012.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.


AT&T Brings Facebook® to your TV Screen with New U-verse TV App

Dallas, Texas, August 29, 2012

Whether it’s on your computer or mobile device, accessing your social media sites has always been at your fingertips. Now, you can connect with Facebook on your TV screen using Facebook on TV, the latest interactive app available from AT&T* U-verse® TV. The app enables you to connect to your Facebook account while you are watching your favorite shows.

The Facebook on TV interactive app delivers an even better way to watch TV. Through the TV app, you can:

  • View your news feed, friends list and photos.
  • Post status updates and share information about the shows you’re watching.
  • Interact with friends and view their timelines, photos, and status updates.

“The TV experience is becoming more social, and we’ve always focused on delivering interactive TV apps that are more engaging and provide an overall better experience,” said Maria Dillard, Vice President of U-verse and Video Products, AT&T Home Solutions. “This app gives U-verse TV and High Speed Internet customers the ability to share information about what they’re watching on their TV with their remote, on any U-verse TV screen. It’s another example of how we continue to enhance and bring more value to the U-verse experience.”

The Facebook on TV app can be enjoyed by everyone in your household. U-verse TV customers can add up to ten different accounts on a single receiver. To access Facebook on TV, customers will need an existing Facebook account and a U-verse High Speed Internet account. You can create a Facebook account by visiting

U-verse TV customers already have access to several additional social TV apps at no extra charge.

AT&T U-verse added more TV subscribers in total over the last 3 years than any of the major cable TV providers reported** and is the only 100 percent Internet Protocol-based television (IPTV) service offered by a national service provider.

For additional information on AT&T U-verse – or to find out if it’s available in your area – visit

Power Up Consumer Choice: Introducing New Line of USB Chargers Made with Post-consumer Plastics

Dallas, Texas, August 29, 2012

AT&T* customers now have the option to purchase wall and car chargers with housings made from at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. AT&T continues to work with its suppliers to provide consumers sustainable products.

Over the last year, AT&T took major strides in the field of sustainability, from introducing accessory packaging made from up to 30 percent plant-based materials, to creating a consumer-focused sustainability website – EcoSpace – to launching a trade-in device recycling program to creating an eco-rating system for all new AT&T-branded postpaid handset devices.

The new wall chargers are made with at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled plastics and use minimal power when plugged in for optimal energy conservation. The chargers are Energy Star 5 rated and exceed California’s Energy Commission 2013 efficiency standards with a focus on reducing “Vampire Draw” while not in use. If a customer were to leave the wall charger plugged in for a year without use, it would consume only the equivalent of a 100-watt light bulb left on for a day.

Understanding that most consumers want the best products with the least environmental impact, AT&T ensured that these chargers are more powerful than their predecessors. With increased amperage allowing for 10-watts per port, customers can rest assured that their device, whether a phone or tablet, will charge at full rate when it is plugged in to one of the USB ports. The wall charger is also capable of international use.  

Wall Power Charger Key Facts:

  • Single and dual USB models available
  • Two USB ports for rapid charging smart phones, tablets, mp3 players, and other mobile devices
  • Universal USB ports works with virtually any mobile device and cable
  • Plastic housing made with at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Energy saving technology only consumes
  • Meets the latest efficiency requirements proposed by the California Energy Commission, to go into effect in 2013
  • Elegant, soft-touch design looks great in any setting
  • Single USB model is compact, travels well, and won’t crowd outlets or power strips

Vehicle Power Charger Key Facts:

  • More power with 5V 2amp
  • Housing is made of approximately 30 percent post-consumer recycled plastic

Housing is made of durable and flame retardant materials

AT&T Opens Flagship Retail Store on Chicago’s Famed Magnificent Mile

AT&T* is the most recent brand to move in at Chicago’s renowned Magnificent Mile, opening a 10,000 square-foot flagship store on Sept. 1. The store brings to life AT&T’s advertising campaign line: “It’s what you do with what we do.”

“Our Michigan Avenue store is where customers can immerse themselves in everything AT&T is about and truly explore the technology we have to offer,” said Paul Roth, president of AT&T retail sales and service. “AT&T is about delivering innovation that makes a difference in our customers’ daily lives. All of that will be ready for customers to experience at our flagship store.”

In addition to products and services also found at AT&T’s more than 2,300 retail stores nationwide, the Michigan Avenue store offers customers a glimpse of the future, including AT&T’s first retail demos of the new AT&T Digital Life home security and automation services and of a connected car that shows how wireless technology can aid driving. Shoppers will also find exclusive accessories by Chicago-area artists and other products unique to the Windy City. With more than 100 digital screens throughout the space, every aspect of the store is designed to educate customers about future wireless technologies and services. 

“Customers will not only be able to interact with and purchase our products, but they will also experience the forefront of evolving wireless technology and see how AT&T is leading it,” said Roth. “Customers can touch, feel and see how our latest devices and apps will fit their lifestyles, whether they’re interested in fitness or music, entertainment or family. You won’t find another store like this anywhere else in the country.”

Watch here for a tour of unique areas of the store where customers can:

  • Play and learn about apps that interest them in the Explorer Lounge. At the Apps Bar, “app-tenders” serve up one-on-one and group demos, which are also displayed on multiple video monitors on the Apps Wall. An 18-foot high Connect Wall shows interactive content and product information, visible to the entire store and passers-by.
  • See products, apps and accessories organized and showcased based on their needs in the Lifestyle Boutiques, including Get Fit, Be Productive, Share Your Life and Chicagoland. Chicagoland includes local apps and Chicago-themed accessories exclusive to the AT&T Michigan Avenue store.
  • Use and interact with AT&T products for home security and automation, entertainment, music and automobiles at the Experience Platform. Customers can see how AT&T Digital Life services can enable them to control their home using AT&T wireless devices with a demo in the Family Life area. The Street Smart area features a 2012 Nissan Leaf and shows the future of automotive connectivity, safety and efficiency.
  • View artwork from two artists with Chicago ties, Cody Hudson and Dalek, in The Gallery. One-of-a-kind smartphone cases with their designs are available exclusively at the AT&T Michigan Avenue store. 
  • Check out the latest smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices in the product runway.
  • Discuss new purchases or resolve questions with AT&T store representatives in quiet and comfortable consultation areas.

“Every aspect and every innovation of our Michigan Avenue store has been designed with the customer experience in mind,” said Roth. “From the design and layout of the store, to the way we display products and services, to the in-store technology and our brand ambassadors, everything is an extension of our goal to be the nation’s premier retailer and our brand mission to make people’s lives better.”

AT&T’s Michigan Avenue store has been designed and built with sustainable materials and practices. The store has reduced energy consumption and water usage significantly by using efficient lighting, ENERGY STAR appliances and temperature controls, and teak wood used in the store is reclaimed. Customers will also be able to learn about the environmental attributes of AT&T-branded postpaid handset devices through a simple, easy-to-read-and-understand label as part of AT&T’s recently announced eco ratings.

The store is located at 600 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 60611. Store hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Central time and Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Central time.

“The Magnificent Mile is a unique shopping experience and so is this store,” said AT&T North Central Region President Kent Mathy. “We have put the very best our brand has to offer our customers on display at this store, and we invite everyone to come and explore all the ways AT&T can improve their lives.”

AT&T Announces Quarter-Billion-Dollar Expansion Of Education Commitment

As access to skilled workers becomes increasingly vital to the U.S. economy, AT&T is launching a quarter-billion-dollar campaign to help more students graduate from high school ready for careers and college, and to ensure the country is better prepared to meet global competition.

AT&T Aspire, already among the most significant U.S. corporate educational initiatives awith more than $100 million invested since 2008, will tackle high school success and college/career readiness for students at-risk of dropping out of high school through a much larger, “socially innovative” approach. Social innovation goes beyond traditional philanthropy

AT&T Enterprise-Class Cloud Services Recognized as Industry Leading

Prominent analyst firm Gartner Inc. has named AT&T a Leader in its 2012 Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting.

“We feel this recognition is further verification that our strategy of embedding cloud solutions into our network is translating into more reliable, innovative solutions for our business customers,” said Steve Caniano, Vice President, Hosting, Application & Cloud Services, AT&T Business Solutions.

The Magic Quadrant evaluated 17 different global enterprise service providers on their “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision” in managed hosting, which combines data center facilities with managed network, storage and computing services and includes cloud services. Companies named in the “Leaders” quadrant “have proved they have staying power in this market, can frequently innovate on their existing products and can be relied on for enterprise-class needs. They have proved their technical competence and ability to deliver services to a wide range of customers. They address multiple use cases with stand-alone or integrated solutions,” according to Gartner.

“As we continue to evolve our cloud services for businesses, Gartner”s recognition of our strengths in managed hosting, cloud, and support services underscores our commitment to delivering industry-leading enterprise-class solutions,” said Caniano.

This latest announcement follows AT&T”s recent launch of new solutions and updates to its roster of cloud services, designed meet the needs of a wide variety of users ” from large and medium enterprises to developers and internet-centric businesses ” including:

  • AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service AT&T Enterprise-Class Cloud Services with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service
  • AT&T Unified Communications Services
  • AT&T Cloud Architect
  • AT&T Platform as a Service

AT&T ‘s portfolio of cloud services also includes AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, and AT&T Synaptic Hosting and a full array of dedicated and virtualized hosting and applications solutions