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TelePacific’s Forecast: Cloud Moving In

telepacificU.S. TelePacific Corp., which does business as TelePacific Communications (TelePacific), continues to focus on a strategy of providing small and medium sized businesses the benefits of simpler and more powerful communications solutions that take full advantage of rapidly evolving technology capabilities. The company, which has been in Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” list every year since 2007, sees a clear roadway to continued fast track expansion in the cloud, shorthand for network-based offerings that provide both transport and managed services that let its customers shrug off the limits of location and investment restraints and opens the door for the rapid deployment of leading-edge business applications.

“Our business and its continued growth in the top rank of network service providers are completely driven by our customers and their challenges,” says David Zahn, Vice President of Marketing at TelePacific. “They aren’t interested in purchasing expensive communications technology that will be as dated as a 3G smartphone in two years. What they want – and we’re making the investments to deliver – are integrated communications offerings that simplify their billing, lower their capital expense, deliver worry-proof security and keep them current with their customers’ rapidly expanding expectations. The bar is set pretty high – deliver seamless, easy-to-use communications networks that weave voice and data into business-building solutions.”

TelePacific recently rolled out and sold its first Hosted PBX product, a network based VoIP-based offering that lets customers tie together all their locations and employees into a single, easily managed and constantly updated solution. Managed by TelePacific, Hosted PBX takes the telecommunications equipment customers own, and puts everything but the IP handsets in the cloud. An extensive suite of features and functionality is delivered as a service, ensuring that state-of-the-art technology is continually delivered without costly and time consuming premise-based equipment upgrades. With TelePacific’s private IP network and end-to-end access control, service level agreements guarantee 99.999% quality and uninterrupted service so that businesses can concentrate on growing their bottom lines instead of their technical staffs.

TelePacific continues to expand into additional cloud-based business-enhancing applications including Hosted Exchange e-mail along with Email Syncing, security and archiving, Desktop and Server Storage, Mobile Device Management and Hosted SharePoint. These products let small to medium businesses take full advantage of leading edge quality services and features that have traditionally been reserved for large enterprises with deep pockets.

TelePacific is also filling out its cloud-focused bench with top industry professionals whose mandate is to accelerate the growth of customer-focused products. Most recently, telecom veteran Matt Mair joined the TelePacific to lead the cloud marketing effort. Matt brings 20 years telecom experience, including a deep understanding of IP, VoIP and cloud services.

“Getting me to come to TelePacific didn’t take a hard sell at all,” he explains. “Their commitment to customers, willingness to invest in cloud solutions and bred-in-the-bone understanding of the critical nature of delivering the voice and data communications that businesses depend on for their lifeblood was pretty compelling.”

TA Names TelePacific Top Regional CLEC, MPLS Provider

telepacificTelePacific Communications (TelePacific) has won the Telecom Association’s 2012 Partner Choice Award in the Regional CLEC category and also been named a Top 10 domestic MPLS provider. The awards were given based on validated reviews from the 3,800 members of TA, a professional membership organization of telecom and technology consultants, agents, brokers and sales partners. This is the sixth consecutive year that TelePacific has been honored with TA Partner Choice Awards since they were established in 2006.

“We are very pleased to once again be recognized by members of the Telecom Association for our achievements as a regional carrier and national MPLS provider,” says Dick Jalkut, President and Chief Executive Officer of TelePacific. “These awards confirm that industry channel partners trust us to provide productivity enhancing solutions and industry leading customer service. That is a special honor because TA members are independent consultants. They don’t have to recommend us to their clients. But they choose to recommend us, and they do so knowing that their own reputation is on the line depending on our performance. That is very gratifying.”

Selection as a “Partner’s Choice” award winner showcases TelePacific’s long term commitment to technology solutions that work as well as customer service excellence, according to Dan Baldwin, Executive Director of the Telecom Association.

“Our association members are experienced technology industry consultants and channel sales partners that have compared all the best and affordable vendors against one another before recommending one or two to their business clients who view them as trusted advisors,”explains Baldwin. “They know which vendors to watch out for and which ones to recommend so having them review TelePacific as the best regional CLEC as well as an elite domestic MPLS provider means TelePacific is both trusted and proven.”

TelePacific is frequently recognized by the media, business partners and customers as innovative and industry leading. The company has grown revenue for 42 consecutive quarters, and been named one of Inc. magazine’s fastest growing private firms for six straight years. Internet Telephony, Next Generation Networks and Channel Partners magazines all have given TelePacific multiple company, product and executive awards. And well over 90 percent of TelePacific’s customers consistently tell third-party survey firms that they are satisfied with the company’s products and services.

“It’s inspiring to be recognized with these awards because they validate the hard work and effort that our 1,500 employees put into delivering communications solutions that make a difference for businesses,” adds Ken Bisnoff, Senior Vice President of Strategic Opportunities. “But TA awards are particularly satisfying because they demonstrate the positive impact we’re making on channel partners as well as customers.”

TelePacific Receives 2012 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award

telepacific U.S. TelePacific Corp., which does business as TelePacific Communications (TelePacific), announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named TelePacific’s SmartVoice product a recipient of the 2012 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award. This is the third consecutive year that TMC has honored TelePacific with this distinction.

TelePacific’s SmartVoice dynamically integrates local and long distance calling with Internet access and/or MPLS-based IP VPN services. SmartVoice packages offer up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth and 120 call paths available via ISDN primary rate interface (PRI), channel associated signaling (CAS), analog phone lines or a SIP network connection, giving customers the flexibility to use either traditional telephony equipment or an IP PBX.

“We’re honored that the TMC lab technicians and editors at INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine have once again recognized TelePacific as an industry innovator,” says Dick Jalkut, President and Chief Executive Officer of TelePacific. “We’re committed to delivering IP communications solutions that help businesses of all sizes operate more efficiently and productively, and being recognized three years running for succeeding in that regard is rewarding to all of us at TelePacific.”

SmartVoice combined with national telephone numbers (NTNs) gives TelePacific customers anchored in California and Nevada the ability to extend telecommunications access to additional offices coast-to-coast via their private networks. For example, employees at a business headquartered in Los Angeles can place calls at local rates to remote offices nationwide, and employees at remote offices can return those calls without incurring long distance charges. In addition, with virtual NTNs, TelePacific customers can establish a local presence in a remote market and similarly take advantage of local dialing. A physical office is not needed in the remote market.

“It is with pleasure that we recognize TelePacific with a Product of the Year Award. The editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY have verified that SmartVoice displays quality and innovation while providing solutions to real business communications challenges,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I would like to congratulate the team at TelePacific for their commitment to advancing IP communication technologies.”

The 2012 Product of the Year winners are published in the January/February 2013 issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. INTERNET TELEPHONY has been the authority in IP communication since 1998.

TelePacific Ethernet over Copper up to 100 Mbps

telepacificTelePacific Corp., a communications and network services company doing business as TelePacific Communications (TelePacific), has deployed new technology that delivers symmetrical bandwidth at speeds up to 100 Mbps over copper lines, nearly three times faster than previously possible. The new platform, called Enhanced Ethernet over Copper (EEoC), is available from all 234 of TelePacific’s EoC-enabled local serving offices (LSOs) in California and Nevada, putting an estimated 223,000 small to medium-sized businesses within reach of Ethernet-based broadband services that are less expensive and faster to provision than solutions involving third-party fiber.

“Ethernet is becoming the preferred access and transport technology for businesses relying on data intensive applications and we intend to be the Ethernet provider of choice in all the markets we serve,” says Dick Jalkut, President and Chief Executive Officer of TelePacific. “Our investments in Ethernet technology and related deployments underscore that commitment and effectively provide customers with more affordable high-speed bandwidth alternatives heretofore unavailable to them.”

EoC combines multiple copper pairs in the same conduit to provide a single high bandwidth circuit capable of supporting the most demanding voice and data services, including MPLS and VPLS VPN, Ethernet Private Line, SIP Trunking and Internet Access. Advances in technology have allowed TelePacific to increase maximum bandwidth speeds, making EoC-based solutions more attractive for businesses with growing bandwidth needs.

TelePacific’s Enhanced EoC substantially extends the distance over which equivalent bandwidth can be provided to customers who might otherwise require more expensive Ethernet over 3rd Party Fiber (Eo3PV) or DS-3 circuits.

Enhanced EoC effectively eliminates the need for most third party fiber within a mile of the LSO, while providing significant price and service delivery advantages.

TelePacific to Acquire Telekenex

TelePacific Communications today announced a definitive agreement to acquire all of the assets and customers of IXC, Inc., and IXC Holdings, Inc., which do business as Telekenex, a business-grade IP services provider headquartered in San Francisco and Seattle.

Under the terms of the agreement, the TelePacific Communications family of companies will gain approximately 1,000 business customers and 122 employees. Additionally TelePacific will augment its existing IP portfolio with the following services:

  • A robust hosted PBX platform with nationwide voice capabilities;
  • A nationwide PCI compliant MPLS backbone;
  • A fiber network in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area;
  • Managed network services providing advanced configuration and support for complex network deployments; and
  • Managed security services through a cloud-based firewall.


TelePacific’s Covad Wireless Acquisition Completed

TelePacific Communications has received regulatory approval for and completed the acquisition of NextWeb, Inc., dba Covad Wireless, a broadband fixed wireless carrier operating in California, Nevada and the Chicago, Illinois area.

Through its acquisition of NextWeb, TelePacific now controls a WiMAX-featured wireless broadband network, a licensed microwave backhaul network, and a high bandwidth wireless network operating in licensed LMDS spectrum. The new network assets complement TelePacific’s existing footprint and allows the company to broaden its product offerings in markets where it is already competitive. Further, the purchase supports TelePacific’s strategy of investing in advanced broadband transport technologies.

TelePacific will also gain the benefit of approximately 3,500 profitable broadband fixed wireless business customers in California, Nevada and suburban Chicago.

“We are pleased to welcome Covad Wireless customers to the TelePacific family and look forward to introducing them to TelePacific’s signature customer service,” said Dick Jalkut, President and CEO of TelePacific. “The additional resources we gained through this acquisition