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TelePacific SmartVoice Now Available With Ethernet over Copper

Ethernet over Copper (EoC) offers higher bandwidth at attractive price points compared to traditional T1 lines.

TelePacific’s SmartVoice portfolio uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for call control and mobility features and is offered as a dynamically integrated solution with Internet access and/or MPLS. SmartVoice enables customers to optimize their network access resources for voice or data traffic as needed. For example, using SmartVoice, voice traffic is prioritized over data traffic so calls come through clearly. As call paths are released, they dynamically convert to data bandwidth to speed data traffic through the customer’s network. This protocol ensures that customers continuously reap the benefit of their network investment based on their calling patterns.

“Combining SmartVoice with Ethernet over Copper delivery is a natural fit,” said Laurene Heinsohn, director of VoIP development for TelePacific Communications. “It allows TelePacific to offer our customers yet another option for their voice and data services. SmartVoice is already an outstanding service and now, with Ethernet over Copper, it’s even better

TelePacific to Add 120 Ethernet over Copper Wire Centers by Q1 2011

TelePacific Communications is aggressively expanding its Ethernet network. TelePacific now offers Ethernet over Copper (EoC) delivery in the majority of its California and Nevada service areas, and will bring a total of 120 EoC wire centers online by the end of Q1 2011; the Company has 52 wire centers online today. The expansion will make TelePacific’s Ethernet over Copper, as well as Ethernet over T1 and Ethernet over DS3, offerings available in all markets TelePacific serves.

“Customers are requesting increased bandwidths and expanding our Ethernet over Copper services is a great way for us to meet that demand,” said David Zahn, vice president of marketing for TelePacific Communications. “TelePacific has enhanced our entire portfolio of Ethernet offerings in 2010

TelePacific Urges FCC to Overturn USAC Decision on Broadband Offering

TelePacific Communications has asked the FCC to review and stay an action taken by the administrator of the Federal Universal Service Fund (“USF”).

In its ruling, the Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”) ordered TelePacific to treat its broadband Internet access services as telecommunications subject to USF where TelePacific delivers the service to the end user over a T-1 circuit.

“TelePacific supports universal service and broadband access and is already a significant USF contributor”, said TelePacific’s CEO Dick Jalkut. “The USAC’s decision, by discriminating against carriers that use certain wireline transmission technologies to deliver their service to customers, violates the bedrock principle that USF contributions must be assessed on a competitively neutral basis.”

Under USAC’s decision, Internet providers using T-1s must pay USF while Internet providers using DSL, fiber, and coaxial cable are not subject to the same USF fees (currently 14.1%). TelePacific asks the FCC to stay the USAC decision while it evaluates the appeal on its merits.

TelePacific argues that USAC’s decision is based on a fundamental misreading of the Commission’s 2005 Wireline Broadband Order. USAC refuses to decide the threshold question of whether the finished product TelePacific provides to the end user is an information service; ignores the critical modifier “stand-alone,” which the FCC used to distinguish between basic transmission services (subject to USF) and wireline broadband Internet access (not subject to USF); and impermissibly singles out T-1-based services for contribution at the same time it awaits FCC guidance on ATM and frame relay services (which both USAC and the FCC recognize are analogous).

TelePacific has requested FCC action on the stay by February 8, but no later than March 31, 2010. TelePacific expects the FCC to request comment on its request for review and stay of USAC’s action.

TelePacific expands coverage in Carson City

TelePacific Communications, a provider of business telecommunications network solutions serving customers in Nevada and California, today announced that it has expanded its Nevada service area to include the state capital, Carson City. TelePacific now serves all major cities in Nevada. Continue reading TelePacific expands coverage in Carson City