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Google Launches Innovative Gmail Motion in BETA – Apply here

Google launches a new way to communicate: Gmail Motion. The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion — now you can control Gmail with your body.

We have been lucky enough to receive 20 BETA invites from our users. Request a BETA key below and head over to Google to activate your account.

Watch Video: Cisco HealthPresence on Discovery

Cisco HealthPresence: Technology Recreates Face-to-Face Doctor’s Visit

With technologies like TelePresence, or Cisco’s (NASDAQ:CSCO) medical version HealthPresence, will we still visit with our doctor or medical specialist in the future? Watch this HealthPresence video below, where Cisco and the Discovery Channel team to demonstrate Cisco’s HealthPresence, which creates a live, face-to-face office visit for doctors and patients, even when they are hundreds of miles apart.

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Cisco’s 25th anniversary – Happy Birthday Cisco


Cisco today marks its 25th anniversary with a call to community service. Chairman and CEO John Chambers challenged every Cisco employee to volunteer four hours of service in his or her local community. The networking leader’s goal is an aggregate contribution of 200,000 employee volunteer hours, which equates to approximately 25 years worth of service to the global community.

“I can think of no better way to mark Cisco’s 25th year than focusing even more of our employees’ talents and energy on community service,” Chambers said. “Helping people connect and collaborate is not just core to our business

TA Members Choice Award for Master Agency goes to Telarus

Telarus has been voted the Top Master Agent for 2008 by members of the Telecom Association. The award is the Association’s highest honor and is a direct result of votes cast by all eligible members of TA, including agents, vendors, and VARs – all of whom work full-time in the telecom industry.The TA Member’s Choice Award comes on the heals of the Gold 5-Star designation that Telarus received in the 2008 VARBusiness Magazine Partner Program Guide, a guide that acknowledges the commitment and strength of a vendor’s partner programs for its Channel resellers, IT integrators, and technology consultants.

Adam Edwards, president of Telarus at the 2008 Spring Channel Partners Expo

“I feel like we’ve won the Super Bowl and World Series, all in the span of one week” commented Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “Many people have asked the secret to our recent success; as though Telarus became successful overnight. The fact is, we’ve been executing on our unique business model for well over 4 years, quietly attracting new partners and finding new customers both online and offline. Likewise, our agents work extremely hard and they are extremely loyal. We work as a team, not individuals, and we reward our team with new technology that allows them to process more orders in less and less time. It’s just that simple.”

Telarus was nominated for the TA Members Choice Award for Top Master Agent for the first time in 2006 and was awarded the President’s Choice Award for Innovation. After another year of double-digit growth, voting members of the Association finally gave Telarus the nod for the Top Master Agent award.

“On behalf of the Telecom Association I’d like to congratulate Telarus and the other candidates for an outstanding vote” added Dan Baldwin, president of the Telecom Association. “Telarus has always been a peculiar entity because they attract business through affiliates and then distribute such leads to their agents – a model many inside the telecom industry thought would never work. Kudos to Telarus for not following the status quo and for becoming the newest winner of the top Master Agent category.”

“Winning this award is a major coup for Telarus” said Lance Akins, VP of Sales. “It shows just how committed we are to our agent’s livelihoods. We really do lose sleep over how to help them become more successful and they return the favor by leveraging our technology to increase their own productivity. We hope that this award will increase public awareness that there is a master agent who can write software, integrate with all of its carriers for real-time quotes, deliver internet leads to its agents, and wire accurate commissions on-time each and every month.”

About the Telecom Association

Originally founded in 1995, TA is a membership organization for telecom agents, channel partners and vendors that provide the telecom and technology business services. Of TA’s 2,000 members, about two-thirds are distributors and the rest are providers. TA collects, creates, publishes and distributes information and content that TA members need or desire to help make their businesses more efficient and profitable. To learn more visit or contact Dan Baldwin at 951-245-6877.

About Telarus

Telarus is a premier master agency who’s goal is to make agents more successful than they can be on their own or with any other master agency. Telarus provides is agents tools, automation, superior support, all in an atmosphere of cooperation and ethical community. Telarus drives warm leads to its agents and VARs through its web marketing portals which include:,,, and