Mitel Honors Channel Partners

Mitel today announced the winners of its channel program at the Mitel Forum 2007 awards dinner held June 27, 2007, at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Twenty-two channel partners were honored for their overall business performance, marketing programs, and high levels of sales achievement and customer satisfaction, that combined, most closely exemplifies what Mitel seeks in its channel partners.

Mitel Survey Clears the Air on Telecommuting

While the majority of Canadian and U.S. workers believe that business and government policies to encourage people to work from home could represent an effective way to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and address global warming, corporations continue to distrust teleworking, according to research conducted by Mitel.

Sixty-eight percent of Canadian and 64 percent of U.S. service industry respondents to a recent survey on the benefits of teleworking believe that measures aimed at reducing GHG emissions, especially those related to transportation, would be significant. However, while employees generally feel that teleworking saves them time and that they use this time to work more productively, 42 percent of Canadian and 54 percent of American employers are concerned about how they can monitor employee productivity in the context of teleworking.

90 Second Warning to Retailers

Mitel issues a 90 second warning to retailers, either deal with customer sales and queries within this timescale or lose out to the competition. The warning follows the revelation that four in 10 (44 percent) customers are prepared to wait for a mere 90 seconds to buy goods in-store, according to new research from Mitel, the trusted provider of IP communications solutions.

However the reality is that nearly a third (31 percent) of customers have had to wait up to four minutes and, 11 percent have been kept waiting for up to six minutes and nearly half (48 percent) of customers kept waiting in-store will leave the shop without buying anything and will go to a competitor.

Interestingly the research revealed customers are more tolerant waiting in-store than holding on the phone, only 34 percent will stay on the phone for on average 90 seconds while, 44 percent of customers will wait in-store for the same period.

For eight in 10 (80 percent) customers the biggest frustration when calling a retailer with a query, is not knowing where they are in the queue, for 74 percent the biggest irritation is being directed to a foreign call centre and, over two thirds (68 percent) are worried about how much they will be charged for the call.

Nearly two thirds (64 percent) of consumers believe retailers need to make call centres more user friendly and 42 percent think making more information available online will improve customer service.

While nearly a third (32 percent) of customers think competition from larger supermarkets is the biggest challenge in retail, one in five (20 percent) felt the emergence of online brands presented the industry with the most cause for concern.

Lisa Dolphin, retail specialist at Mitel, said:

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