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Telarus Adds Fiber Ethernet Pricing to GeoQuote

Telecom master agent Telarus Inc.,added Ethernet (Fiber) to its patented real-time carrier pricing research tool GeoQuote.

The technology paves the way for independent agents partnered with Telarus to check for Ethernet broadband availability and pricing in seconds; a process that currently takes days and weeks.


Adam Edwards, President & Co-Founder of Telarus, Inc.

“We are very enthusiastic about our new-found ability to quote 10M to 1GB fiber opportunities in real-time,” said Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “As we continue to partner with agents who focus on larger opportunities, Ethernet is becoming one of our core product sets. Agents are selling it in droves and, more often than not, the carrier with fiber in a customer’s building wins the deal. It only made sense to focus our R&D dollars to develop technology that could give agents access to this information in a quick and efficient way. With better access to pricing and carrier availability, agents feel like they get better service from Telarus and we cut down on the unqualified quote volume from our carrier partners. Everybody wins.”


Using “lit building” lists, or addresses of buildings that carriers have a physical fiber presence, in addition to above-ground and subterranean fiber maps, GeoQuote is able to determine the likelihood of a carrier being able to service a customer and at what price. The carriers who have volunteered their information to be a part of this quoting system include industry leaders such as: AboveNet, AboveNet, AT&T, ACC Business, Broadview Networks, Level 3, PAETEC, Qwest Business, and Time Warner Cable Business Class. Telarus expects to have more carriers quoting by the end of the year.


“The million dollar question agents are ask is ‘is it accurate?'” added Andrew Morgan, VP of Web Development for Telarus. “To that we give an enthusiastic ‘yes’! GeoQuote knows where all of the lit buildings are, it knows where fiber runs, and it knows the typical pricing carriers offer on 10M, 20M, 50M, 100M, 250M, 500M, and 1G circuits. The only unknown is the build-out fee, but that cuts down on 90 percent of a carrier’s workload while giving agents valuable information in seconds. The ability for agents to get pricing quickly for their clients is critical to their business.”


In addition to actual and budgetary pricing, GeoQuote also delivers a visual representation of the carrier fiber environment via Google maps. This technology allows for high-level research in the event the customer isn’t within the pre-subscribed distance (in feet) from any lit buildings.

“This new software is a real game-changer,” added Lance Akins, VP of Sales for Telarus, Inc. “Never before has it been so easy to sell high-end Ethernet broadband pipes than now, through Telarus. Since most of our carriers price the IP portion of the circuit based on simple rate sheets, we decided to speed things up a bit and give our enterprise agents a real leg up.”

Take geoquote for a spin at TelecomSupportDesk.com

Master Agent Telarus Launces Geoscan 2.0 & Agent Rewards Program

Master agent Telarus today announced their agent rewards program as well as the release of GeoScan 2.0, what the company calls the industry’s first comprehensive carrier research tool.

GeoScan 2.0

Adam Edwards, President & Co-Founder of Telarus, Inc.

“GeoScan 2.0 is a must-have for any telecom agent who offers more than small handful of carriers to their clients,” said Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “In just seconds, an agent can use GeoScan 2.0 to get a very high-level view of which carriers are in the picture and which carriers are not. Knowing right away which carriers not to contact is a huge time-saver for both the agent and the carrier.”

GeoScan 2.0 is comprised of a proprietary database of CLLI codes, zip codes and lata codes compiled by Telarus through eight years of research and development. Using this locally stored information, GeoScan 2.0 can return results in just seconds, without waiting for an API/XML connection to any carrier partner as is required for price quoting in GeoQuote.

“The beauty of GeoScan 2.0 is that it is very, very fast,” added Andrew Morgan, VP of Web Development of Telarus. “With an increase in speed comes a decrease in granularity. GeoScan 2.0 was developed to be a very high-level qualification tool; to know who is ‘in the ballgame’ before going too far down the road with a carrier who won’t be able to service the customer. Especially with larger deals, narrowing down the field early is important.”

“Ethernet is increasingly becoming one of the most popular products on the market,” said Rob Butler, VP of Sales

GeoScan Tool Released By Telarus

Telarus, Inc., premier telecom master agent and patent holder of real-time carrier quotes, announced the launch of “GeoScan“. The new carrier research tool enables agents to instantly identify the best candidates for their client based on locations, pricing, contract terms, and product needs. The technology has been made available to all participating Telarus agents in their Telarus back office.

According to Andrew Morgan, VP of Web Development for Telarus, Inc.,

Telarus joins Qwest BPP Advisory Council

Telarus, Inc., premier telecom master agent and patent holder of real-time carrier quotes, today announced that it has accepted an invitation from Qwest channel chief, Blake Wetzel, to participate in the 2010 Qwest Business Partner Program Advisory Council. Beginning in January, Telarus will have the opportunity to provide Qwest (NYSE:Q) with ideas on issues and challenges affecting Business Partners nationwide.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to sit on the Qwest Business Partner Program Advisory Council” commented Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “Telarus has always been a leader in technology, innovation, and ideas. As a Qwest Advisory Council member, we plan to share our knowledge about best practices to help Qwest enhance their agent channel as well as learn from other members of the Council. Qwest has helped us grow our channel revenue by providing essential enterprise carrier services that have become a key component to our agent business.”

“We are thrilled that Telarus has accepted our invitation to participate in our QBPP Advisory Council for 2010” added Blake Wetzel, VP of Sales for the Qwest Business Partner Program. “Telarus is a unique and exciting agency and we hope to glean a lot of interesting insight by working together with them during the coming year.”

Qwest also recently announced its sponsorship of the annual Telarus Agent Conference in Las Vegas on February 27, 2010, where Qwest will train agents on the technical aspects of the award-winning Qwest network.

“Qwest is not only providing the products that our agents need to compete in the new era of data networking and applications, but they are going the extra mile by providing our subagents with the hands-on training that is required for them to build a knowledge-base of case studies that will help them move further upstream; into consulting and high-level engineering,” added Lance Akins, VP of Sales for Telarus. “Although our relationship with Qwest has always been strong, this new opportunity has strengthened it even more.”

About Telarus

Telarus is the number one master agency as voted by the members of the Telecom Association in both 2008 and 2009. It is our goal to make agents and VARs more successful than they can be on their own or with any other master agent. Telarus provides agents the tools, automation, and superior support they need to gain a competitive advantage in telecom sales.

One example of the tools Telarus provides its agents is real-time voice and data price quoting through its patented GeoQuote technology. GeoQuote makes it possible for business shoppers and agents to access instant pricing and availability information from over 30 broadband data and voice service providers which include AboveNet, Accel Networks, ACC Business, AireSpring, AT&T, Cavalier, Covad, Level 3, MegaPath, Nitel, NewEdge Networks, NuVox, PAETEC, One Communications, PowerNet Global, Qwest, Smoothstone, TelePacific, Telnes, tw telecom, UCN, Vocal IP Networx, and XO Communications.

About Qwest

Customers coast-to-coast turn to Qwest’s industry-leading national fiber-optic network and world-class customer service to meet their communications and entertainment needs. Qwest is also the choice of 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, offering a full suite of network, data and voice services for small businesses, large businesses, government agencies and wholesale customers. Additionally, Qwest participates in Networx, the largest communications services contract in the world, and is recognized as a leader in the network services market by a leading technology industry analyst firm. Qwest’s broadband network, designed with the latest advances in network technology for speed and efficiency, spans more than 173,000 route miles globally, enabling new products and services that benefit businesses and consumers worldwide.

Telarus Eating The Lunch Of the Big Fat Cats

CRN Labels Telarus Among 180 Young Lions In The High Tech Jungle That Are Eating The Lunch Of the Big Fat Cats

Telarus, Inc., premier telecom master agent and creator of ShopforT1.com, ShopforEthernet.net, and VARNetwork.com, today announced it has been selected by Everything Channel as a CRN Emerging Tech vendor. CRN’s Emerging Tech list captures companies that are delivering high margins for solution providers with innovative and easy-to-use technology that undercuts industry giants.

Telarus gives its agents a competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing its nationwide agent network with real-time quotes for One Communications business-class DSL, T1, bonded-T1, integrated T1, and Ethernet 10 MB services. Continue reading Telarus Eating The Lunch Of the Big Fat Cats

TA Members Choice Award for Master Agency goes to Telarus

Telarus has been voted the Top Master Agent for 2008 by members of the Telecom Association. The award is the Association’s highest honor and is a direct result of votes cast by all eligible members of TA, including agents, vendors, and VARs – all of whom work full-time in the telecom industry.The TA Member’s Choice Award comes on the heals of the Gold 5-Star designation that Telarus received in the 2008 VARBusiness Magazine Partner Program Guide, a guide that acknowledges the commitment and strength of a vendor’s partner programs for its Channel resellers, IT integrators, and technology consultants.

Adam Edwards, president of Telarus at the 2008 Spring Channel Partners Expo

“I feel like we’ve won the Super Bowl and World Series, all in the span of one week” commented Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “Many people have asked the secret to our recent success; as though Telarus became successful overnight. The fact is, we’ve been executing on our unique business model for well over 4 years, quietly attracting new partners and finding new customers both online and offline. Likewise, our agents work extremely hard and they are extremely loyal. We work as a team, not individuals, and we reward our team with new technology that allows them to process more orders in less and less time. It’s just that simple.”

Telarus was nominated for the TA Members Choice Award for Top Master Agent for the first time in 2006 and was awarded the President’s Choice Award for Innovation. After another year of double-digit growth, voting members of the Association finally gave Telarus the nod for the Top Master Agent award.

“On behalf of the Telecom Association I’d like to congratulate Telarus and the other candidates for an outstanding vote” added Dan Baldwin, president of the Telecom Association. “Telarus has always been a peculiar entity because they attract business through affiliates and then distribute such leads to their agents – a model many inside the telecom industry thought would never work. Kudos to Telarus for not following the status quo and for becoming the newest winner of the top Master Agent category.”

“Winning this award is a major coup for Telarus” said Lance Akins, VP of Sales. “It shows just how committed we are to our agent’s livelihoods. We really do lose sleep over how to help them become more successful and they return the favor by leveraging our technology to increase their own productivity. We hope that this award will increase public awareness that there is a master agent who can write software, integrate with all of its carriers for real-time quotes, deliver internet leads to its agents, and wire accurate commissions on-time each and every month.”

About the Telecom Association

Originally founded in 1995, TA is a membership organization for telecom agents, channel partners and vendors that provide the telecom and technology business services. Of TA’s 2,000 members, about two-thirds are distributors and the rest are providers. TA collects, creates, publishes and distributes information and content that TA members need or desire to help make their businesses more efficient and profitable. To learn more visit http://www.telecomassociation.com/ or contact Dan Baldwin at 951-245-6877.

About Telarus

Telarus is a premier master agency who’s goal is to make agents more successful than they can be on their own or with any other master agency. Telarus provides is agents tools, automation, superior support, all in an atmosphere of cooperation and ethical community. Telarus drives warm leads to its agents and VARs through its web marketing portals which include: ShopforT1.com, ShopforEthernet.com, VARNetwork.com, and VARPartner.com.

Nuvox BizPac added to Telarus’ GeoQuote

Telarus, Inc. announced the introduction of BizPac into GeoQuote. BizPac, a voice and DSL package uniquely suited for growing businesses, joined the NuVox suite of products following its recent merger with FDN Communications. With the addition to GeoQuote, Telarus agents and customers will be able to run BizPac quotes and determine product availability in real-time.

“When NuVox originally announced their intention to merge with FDN, I was personally relieved,” commented Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “At the time we were just about to sign with FDN just so we could get access to the BizPac solution in Georgia and Florida. Now that we have this offering through NuVox, and our agents have access to it using GeoQuote, we expect to gain traction quickly.”

“Today, more than ever before, growing businesses require quality communications services that give them a true advantage,