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MegaPath Wireless Broadband expansion

megapathMegaPath announced the expansion of its MegaPath Wireless Broadband, providing customers with Wireless Back-up capabilities in the event of a network outage, as well as a Quick Start option that enables customers to leverage the wireless network while awaiting their physical broadband network to be provisioned.

“Just as we are seeing enormous growth in wireless applications for consumers, businesses are also beginning to see the value that enterprise-class wireless services can add to their wide area networks,” said Michael Suby, Research Program Director at Stratecast. “Whether it’s providing low cost high-speed access where broadband is not available or providing back up to T1 connections, Wireless Broadband can help distributed businesses save money, increase reliability and improve the performance and flexibility their data communications networks.”

MegaPath Wireless Broadband builds on the company’s comprehensive terrestrial footprint to deliver virtually 100 percent nationwide coverage, allowing customers to provide all locations with secure Internet access and data communications from a single vendor. Available since early 2007, MegaPath Wireless Broadband already enables dozens of enterprise customers to augment their MegaPath DSL and Cable broadband services with secure wireless network and Internet access.

“When we needed a cost-effective access solution that would support all of our locations, even the most rural, we turned to MegaPath because we knew that they had the ability to deliver high-speed, high quality, secure communications nationwide,” said Alan LaBatte, Vice President of Information Systems at Uno’s Chicago Grill. “The new MegaPath Wireless Broadband service provides leading wireless access without the cost of satellite equipment or the bandwidth constraints of Frame Relay. Because this service is powered by MegaPath, we know that all of our data communications are PCI compliant, which is a huge benefit for our restaurants.”

MegaPath provides customers with a fully managed solution that increases employee productivity while decreasing IT management overhead. Deployed to more than 300 locations nationwide, MegaPath Wireless Broadband is ideal for organizations, such as retail franchises with rural locations that do not qualify for DSL or Cable or as a Quick Start solution for customers awaiting deployment of their primary broadband connection. In addition, MegaPath is offering the service as a fully redundant Wireless Back-up access service for existing T1, DSL, or cable service customers, providing a high-speed, high-availability solution to ensure continuous uptime even when terrestrial services experience disruptions. “MegaPath has built a reputation for providing customers with enterprise performance and functionality at a fraction of the cost, and MegaPath Wireless Broadband is our latest offering to provide customers with the access and security they need to support their businesses, regardless of location,” said James Cragg, President and COO at MegaPath. “Most organizations have never had the option to leverage wireless communications for their business applications, and MegaPath is continuing to lead the industry by delivering this innovative service to help them make their businesses more productive and competitive.”

Covad acquisition Completed

Platinum Equity has completed the acquisition of Covad Communications Group on april 15th. The total value of the transaction is approximately $470 million. The acquisition was a public-to-private transaction in which an affiliate of Platinum Equity acquired all outstanding shares of Covad stock for $1.02 per share in cash. The company previously traded on the American Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DVW.