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Google LTE or Self Defence? Google offering $900m for Nortel’s Patent Portfolio

Google has offered $900m for Nortel’s patent portfolio. Google claims it does so to protect it’s own patent claims and their Android strategy sure has a play in this. Nortel finds Google’s offer high enough, but there is still time for other parties to bid higher, though we find that not too likely. According to the NY Times the portfolio holds over 6000 patents.

Is Google just protecting their patents or are they trying to get a piece of the LTE market to at one day become a mobile operator? Please share your views below.

How to start a green datacenter

A perfect storm is converging on data centers worldwide. Like any hurricane, it’s driven by heat energy: in this case the waste heat from ever-denser racks of blade servers. Every watt of IT power can require as much as 2.5 watts for cooling, and the combined business and environmental impact of the energy needed is driving interest in the green data center.

Electricity is already one of the top three costs for business, and the number one cost for data center-focused companies like eBay and Google. Executives worry that the soaring energy costs of increasingly powerful data centers could become a limiting factor for business operations or expansion. Meanwhile, according to a 2008 report by McKinsey & Company, carbon dioxide emissions related to data center energy use worldwide are already equivalent to those from the entire nation of Argentina, the world’s 24th largest economy.

On Cisco’s blog, three experts offer advice on how to achieve data center energy efficiency.