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AboveNet Q1 2011


AboveNet, Inc. (NYSE: ABVT) announced results for the first quarter of 2011.

“We had a solid start to the year, maintaining strong revenue and Adjusted EBITDA growth. While revenue for the 2011 quarter was boosted by unusually high equipment sales and contract termination revenue, we delivered healthy revenue growth from our lit services and fiber infrastructure services of 14.4% over last year’s first quarter,” said Bill LaPerch, Chief Executive Officer of AboveNet. “The proliferation of data-intensive applications in and around the cloud continues to fuel demand for our high bandwidth services. We are successfully capturing opportunities to support our customers’ growing bandwidth needs and adding new customers across all of our verticals.”

“In 2011, we are focused on building out and enhancing our existing Tier 1 market footprint,” added Mr. LaPerch. “As we add more data centers and cloud ecosystems to our network, we are continuously enlarging our addressable market and further leveraging our network assets. As a premier provider of high bandwidth infrastructure distinguished by our high-speed, low-latency, scalable services, we remain well positioned to meet the growing connectivity needs of enterprises in the U.S. and Europe.” Continue reading AboveNet Q1 2011

FTC Seeks Public Comments on Ways to Strengthen Caller ID Provisions of the Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule

The Federal Trade Commission today announced it is seeking public comments on whether and how to strengthen the Caller ID provisions of the Telemarketing Sales Rule. By requiring telemarketers to provide Caller ID information, the Rule allows consumers to screen out unwanted calls. The FTC seeks comments on how to make Caller ID more useful to consumers and combat technologies that hide telemarketers

Cnamcallerid.com Introduces Near Real-Time Publishing Into Cnam Database

Near Real-time Caller ID Name (CNAM) changes made possible
NEW YORK, NY (OfficialWire) Telemarketers and other outbound call centers no longer have to wait days in order to get their Caller ID name (CNAM) changed. The premier CNAM company CNAMCallerID.com today announced an upgrade in their CNAM publishing technology.

“Through our advanced techniques and interfacing with the various API’s, we are now able to publish new CNAM CallerID data into the CNAM database in near real time. Studies showed this to be one of the most desired features in the contact center industry, and we are glad we are now able to publish these CNAM changes almost in real time.”, VP of Technology, Mr Steward, commented.

CNAM stands for Caller Name. Caller Name and Number is a very common premium feature in the United States and is often bundled with other premium phone services like call waiting and call forwarding. When a call is being received by a CNAM caller ID subscriber, both the caller name and telephone number are being displayed. This is a service the caller id subscriber has to pay for.

The caller name being displayed does not come from the phone

AT&T Will Provide Cloud Services Through New Government-Wide Cloud Contract

AT&T Government Solutions* announced it has been awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for a suite of cloud computing products and services to government agencies. The U.S. General Services Administration announced the award on October 19, 2010.

Under the terms of the BPA, AT&T is now eligible to provide federal government agencies with cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products and services. Agencies will be able to purchase cloud computing services through Apps.gov