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Mitel contract for 52k IP lines for Dutch government

Mitel has been awarded a six-year contract to supply 96 institutions of the Dutch government with future-proof IP communications solutions.

The large-scale IP deployment is part of OverheidsTelecom 2006 (OT2006), a Dutch government program whereby a number of telecom services are tendered in one master agreement by ministries and other government authorities and subdivided into clusters. The OT2006 cluster covered by this contract will, amongst others, see eight ministries, seven provincial authorities, 30 municipalities and 51 administrative bodies and advisory boards totalling more than 52,000 lines move to a Mitel platform over the next four years.

Nortel Optical Solutions and the StarPlane Project

SURFnet, a global leader in advanced network research, is enhancing the collaborative powers of academics at universities and higher education institutions in The Netherlands using a Nortel intelligent optical solution. The network powers the showcase StarPlane project which utilises pure optical technology to deliver on-demand computing power.

The 40Gbps-ready Adaptive All Optical Intelligent solution for SURFnet includes the Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller (DRAC) which enables user-control of network resources for high-performance networking applications like computing and media services.

The SURFnet6 network delivers routed IP and lightpath services to 180 institutes for research and higher education in The Netherlands. Dutch institutions use advanced research collaboration worldwide in fields as diverse as medical research and radio astronomy. These disciplines also require user-controlled networking resources and it is for these applications that DRAC has been developed.

DRAC provides users with a web interface for point-and-click or automated activation of wavelengths on a network carrying live traffic. This allows users to create and schedule point-to-point connections on the network at will, delivering the flexibility and efficiency of networking in scientific experiments and applications. The intelligent Nortel solution delivers simple, user-controlled, on-demand access to a network of wavelength switches for enabling bandwidth-intensive research tasks such as medical imaging and radio astronomy. The service gives end-users the ability to deploy high bandwidth connections between locations on the network for temporary use, for example to connect scientific instruments, stream high quality live video, or share computing resources.

The StarPlane project provides researchers with access to massive computing power delivering the equivalent of the processing capacity of 500 personal computers to the desktop. StarPlane uses pure optical technology to link the Distributed ASCI Supercomputer 3 (DAS-3) computer clusters at five locations in The Netherlands into a grid to enable delivery of bandwidth on-demand, e.g. enabling computer scientists to reconfigure the topology of the distributed supercomputer. On-demand service activation of photonic networking is delivered using an extension to Nortel’s Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller (DRAC) platform.

“SURFnet6 is a global showcase for how adaptive optical intelligent networks can be used to support the work of researchers in academic institutions worldwide,” said Peter Newcombe, president, Carrier Networks, Nortel EMEA. “The optical solution for SURFnet can also be applied to other areas such as using digital technology to distribute and project movies, healthcare for medical imaging, or any business that needs to deliver bandwidth-intensive media streams.”

“Our next-generation hybrid optical and packet switching network delivered a paradigm shift in research networking,” said Kees Neggers, managing director, SURFnet. “The full photonic implementation of the SURFnet6 network brings alive the possibilities created by coupling the applications and the network and is delivering a flexible application network experience that puts the high-end users and advanced applications in the driver’s seat.”

“Traditionally networks are seen as unpredictable resources and this project is changing that picture allowing for a wealth of new research,” said Cees de Laat, associate professor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). “With grid middleware interacting directly on the nationwide photonic layer enabling specification of optimal topologies per computational job, we are able to add another dimension in the resource allocation algorithms.”

The SURFnet6 network, built using Nortel’s

EMBARQ Smart IP Bundle and Mitel 3600 Hosted Key System

Businesses can now enjoy the benefits of having an advanced, integrated communications system combining voice and data without having to go through the expense and trouble of buying and maintaining costly communications equipment at their locations. This is possible thanks to an innovative new product, the EMBARQ

Mitel Demonstrates Continued Momentum with Microsoft in Unified Communications

Mitel, the trusted provider of unified communications solutions, today joined other industry leaders at the worldwide Microsoft Unified Communications Launch 2007 in San Francisco. Mitel announced it will use the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 platform including its call management capabilities for a future generation of solutions. Mitel optimizes Office Communications Server 2007 today to deliver a rich unified communications experience to businesses. Mitel is building solutions today on Office Communications Server 2007 to focus both on specific vertical markets and small and medium businesses, a historical stronghold for Mitel.

Mitel has a long-standing commitment to build on the Microsoft platform and is extending that with Office Communications Server 2007. Microsoft and Mitel share a long-term vision of software-powered communications. With the announced availability of Office Communications Server 2007, Mitel will feature its unified communications solutions with Microsoft to provide new and existing customers, including over 100,000 users already addressed by the Mitel unified communications solution that integrates with the Microsoft software, a paced, easy and rewarding migration roadmap with a seamless software upgrade.