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First TD-LTE Mobile Device Certified

The E398s-81, a USB dongle from Huawei Technologies, became the first TD-LTE device to achieve GCF Certification during September 2011. The device, which has been certified for use in Band 38 (2570-2620 MHz), is being used in the large scale trials of TD-LTE technology that are currently being conducted in China.

GCF, the Global Certification Forum, announced the extension of GCF Certification to TD-LTE for devices operating in Band 38 in July 2011. Certification for FD-LTE devices operating at 700 MHz (Band 13) and 800 MHz (Band 20) was introduced in December 2010 and extended to 2100 MHz (Band 1) and 2600 MHz (Band 7) in April of this year. Further bands will be brought within the scheme to reflect the variety of spectrum allocations that have been released for LTE in different parts of the world.

GCF Certification provides confidence that new devices are compliant with relevant standards and interoperable with other devices and network infrastructure systems irrespective of the vendors.

The availability of certified devices is an important milestone in the development of new mobile technologies such as TD-LTE. The first GCF-Certified FD-LTE devices, for the 800 MHz

Google LTE or Self Defence? Google offering $900m for Nortel’s Patent Portfolio

Google has offered $900m for Nortel’s patent portfolio. Google claims it does so to protect it’s own patent claims and their Android strategy sure has a play in this. Nortel finds Google’s offer high enough, but there is still time for other parties to bid higher, though we find that not too likely. According to the NY Times the portfolio holds over 6000 patents.

Is Google just protecting their patents or are they trying to get a piece of the LTE market to at one day become a mobile operator? Please share your views below.

Alcatel-Lucent Gets Verizon Wireless Contract for ongoing 3G network expansion and LTE build out

Verizon Wireless and Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today announced a four-year agreement expected to be worth US$4 billion for Alcatel-Lucent wireless network architecture and services to support Verizon Wireless’ ongoing 3G network expansion and 4G/LTE network build out. Alcatel-Lucent continues to be a major Verizon Wireless’ network infrastructure supplier and the agreement builds on a long-standing relationship between the two companies.


Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) achieved an industry first by successfully

completing a data call using a Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless broadband network operating at Band 14

, the spectrum earmarked for public safety agencies in the United States. The call demonstrates the readiness of the network to support current public safety applications used by police, fire and emergency medical services as well as new applications enabled by wireless broadband.

Wireless broadband is essential for addressing mission-critical needs requiring high data throughput for applications such as video surveillance, automated vehicle license plate recognition, biometric identification, mobile crime scene units and mobile incident command, geospatial information systems, automated vehicle location and more. LTE helps increase the speed and precision of the decision-making process for first responders, shaving off seconds and minutes in their response to life-threatening situations.