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TelePacific to Acquire Telekenex

TelePacific Communications today announced a definitive agreement to acquire all of the assets and customers of IXC, Inc., and IXC Holdings, Inc., which do business as Telekenex, a business-grade IP services provider headquartered in San Francisco and Seattle.

Under the terms of the agreement, the TelePacific Communications family of companies will gain approximately 1,000 business customers and 122 employees. Additionally TelePacific will augment its existing IP portfolio with the following services:

  • A robust hosted PBX platform with nationwide voice capabilities;
  • A nationwide PCI compliant MPLS backbone;
  • A fiber network in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area;
  • Managed network services providing advanced configuration and support for complex network deployments; and
  • Managed security services through a cloud-based firewall.


PAETEC Announces Addition of its 48x PBX to the Popular IP Simple Bundle

This week, PAETEC Holding Corp. (NASDAQ GS: PAET), which provides data, voice, and Internet solutions to business-class customers nationwide, announced the addition of the PAETEC 48x Phone System into it’s IP Simple bundle of IP-based services for small and medium-sized businesses.

IP Simple, launched in September of 2009, is now one of PAETEC’s fastest growing products. The bundle combines PAETEC’s Dynamic IP VoIP product with its award winning IP-based PBX and phones all for a single monthly fee while requiring no capital outlay. The new PAETEC 48x phone system has nearly twice the capacity of the previous 24x system with two T-1 interfaces, and is designed for companies up to 250 employees per site.

“The addition of the 48x dramatically expands the number of businesses that can benefit from our popular IP Simple Bundle,” said John Chapman, PAETEC’s senior vice president of marketing. “PAETEC is unique in that we’re a nationwide voice and data services provider and also design and manufacture our own award-winning phone systems for small and medium-sized businesses. Since we launched the IP Simple product, the positive response from business customers from coast-to-coast has been overwhelming.”

With the IP Simple bundle, customers may choose from the following equipment to complete their IP Simple bundle:

  • IP PBX – 48x or 6x
  • IP Phones – 9204, 9212 and/or 9224
  • Optional Software -Call Assistant, Call Queuing, Conference Center, Advanced Call Distribution, Advanced Multi-Site and Multi Language Pack.

Since IP Simple Solutions is an equipment rental program, at the end of their initial term agreement customers have the option of retaining and continuing with the same monthly rental payments or returning the equipment to PAETEC.

IP Simple Solutions is a result of PAETEC’s acquisition of the IP PBX manufacturer, Allworx, in 2007. The IP Simple Bundle was named a 2009 Product of the Year by Communications Solutions magazine. In October, 2008, PAETEC’s SIP Trunking was named Most Innovative Product by Telephony Magazine and in August, 2010, Business Solutions Magazine named the Allworx 6x and 9204 as Best Channel Product in the IP PBX and IP Phone categories respectively.

PAETEC ‘s Equipment for Services Program Expanded

paetecPAETEC Holding Corp. (NASDAQ GS: PAET), which provides data, voice, and Internet solutions to business-class customers nationwide, announced that the company has expanded its popular Equipment for Services (EFS) program to all of its 42 state operating territory utilizing a single pricing and quoting tool.

The EFS program takes a portion of a business’ overall telecommunications profitability and applies it to a third party lease for needed hardware and software, such as a new PBX, router, copier, software applications or even office furniture. Since the program’s inception ten years ago, it has financed more than $80,000,000 in equipment with the typical subsidy from $16,000 up to $500,000 or more. Continue reading PAETEC ‘s Equipment for Services Program Expanded

Covad Certifies PBX’s for their renewed IA product

Covad Communications Company, a leading national provider of voice and data communications, today announced it has certified IP PBXs from TalkSwitch, Grandstream, Vertical and Epygi for its new Covad Integrated Access service.
IP PBXs certified by Covad include:

  • TalkSwitch IP PBX equipped for VoIP (models 244/248vs, 284/288vs, 484/488vs and 844/848vs)
  • Grandstream GXE502X ALL-IN-ONE IPPBX
  • Vertical Xcelerator IP
  • Epygi Quadro 2x and Quadro 4x IP PBX

Continue reading Covad Certifies PBX’s for their renewed IA product

How Interdependence can Boost Revenue during Slow Economy

Many solution providers like vars seem to struggle to keep up their revenue as their clients have less money to spend. This probably also goes for other types of business to business companies. What I hear often from vars is that their customers are postponing the so needed upgrade of their outdated phone system for example.

As revenue from the existing client base is going down, I see two obvious options:

  1. Grow your client base
  2. Find an alternative way to present your solution so that it makes financial sense to the current customer base

The first point, finding new clients, sounds pretty obvious but may be hard to accomplish as your fellow solution providers are trying to do the same. It is still very much worth the effort but you have to really come up with a unique selling point to distinct yourself from the competition.

The second point may seem even harder at first. When the capital expense of a new PBX phone system for example does not fit their budget, make it fit. Perhaps the customer is using an old technology and by presenting a phone system that can save them money on their telecom usage expense, it can suddenly start to make sense to upgrade. For example what if you present a VoIP based solution as SIP Trunking, if they had analogue phone lines until now this may be a significant cost saver. If they don’t have the capital, it may even still make financial sense to lease.


What does this have to do with Interdependence versus Independence?

It does not necessarily have anything to do with it but it may make things easier. Independence may be something that many business owners are actively perusing: becoming as independent as possible so that they have total control over their own business. They may fail to see the mutual benefit of interdependence.

Patrick Oborn, co-founder of Telarus, has written a great article about interdependence versus independence in regards to master agents. As we work with a lot of var partners, we found this to be an inspirational article and decided to show what interdependence can do for our var partners.

When a solution provider partners with a master agent, the relationship can only be truly successful if it is of mutual benefit. As with any relationship it is a two way street. Thus comes Interdependence, growing your business by growing each other’s business.


The relationship we are aiming for with our var partners is one of interdependense. We as carrier services consultants come across customers that have just ordered a new PRI circuit and they need a new PBX. Guess what, our var partner gets the opportunity. And that goes the other way as well: when our var partner has a client in need of a new T1 line, or any other carrier circuit – guess who he refers them to?

Besides sharing and referring leads between the interdependent companies (in this case the solution provider var and the carrier services consultant), the involved parties also grow their value proposition to the customer by offering a more complete solution. By partnering with a master agent, the var partner is able to offer carrier services without the hassle of dealing with all the carriers. The var partner grows their revenue this way, and he may be able to justify the new equipment purchase for his customer by comparing overall cost. The carrier consultant can even help by offering a circuit with a vendor that will amortize the equipment cost, so that there is less capital expense. And we as carrier services consultants are happy as well because this brings us more revenue.

True Interdependence is vital for a successful  business partnership, don’t shy away from it.

If you want to learn more about our carrier services or our var partner program, how to set up such an interdependent relationship etc. feel free to contact us.

Polycom and Endeavor Telecom team up

Endeavor Telecom and Polycom announced an agreement under which Endeavor’s professional installation services will be available through Polycom’s distribution channel to service provider partners seeking access to professional implementation services on a nationwide basis.

In addition to installing, testing, and supporting Polycom phones, Endeavor’s certified technicians provide customized installation services and training for various technologies associated with IP PBX deployment, including inside wiring, network switches, traffic shaping appliances, analog telephone adaptors (ATAs), and gateways.

With a field organization of more than 9,000 highly trained and certified technicians, Endeavor is uniquely qualified to deliver installation and testing services for Polycom partners anywhere in North America. Endeavor’s services are provided on a white label basis and allow service providers, carriers, system integrators, and VARs to offer a nationwide field service capability under their own corporate brand.

“We look forward to leveraging Endeavor’s installation services because it provides us with the incredible opportunity to instantly attain national service provider status,” said Bob Beaty, president of Impact Telecom. “The ability to receive immediate information and feedback on the progress of each installation gives us the confidence we need to brand Endeavor’s field technicians as our own, and pursue business outside of our traditional coverage area. We think this is a truly high value service offering from Polycom, and we’re anxious to enjoy these powerful benefits.”

As an integral part of Endeavor’s implementation services, Polycom’s partners gain access to the Endeavor Service Portal (ESP)