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SIPTrunks.org Lowers Long Distance SIP termination rates

SIPTrunks.org, a leading SIP provider specializing in high volume SIP termination solutions, has announced a large price drop in the rate for wholesale SIP termination to the United States. Typical customers that can benefit from this are outbound contact, SIP aggregators & resellers, and enterprise customers.

According to SIPTrunks.org it is only a matter of time before this lower rates will trickle down into the consumer and SMB market. SIP continues to keep replacing TDM circuits at an ever faster pace. By concentrating on the wholesale termination market we are able to offer rates far below a penny a minute, Mark Breeze added.

Besides wholesale traffic, SIPTrunks.org also specializes in the very specific niche of short duration calls. Especially in this political season, with all the voice broadcasting and robocalls, the amount of traffic with a short duration goes up tremendously. Many carriers do not like this traffic, but SIPTrunks.org does not seem to shy away from it and even has a special offer in place for these types of customers.

For more information please visit SIPTrunks.org
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Nortel Mediation Sessions Failed…

Nortel Networks Corporation announced that the mediation process that had been commenced in respect of the allocation of sale proceeds of Nortel’s various business and asset divestitures and other inter-estate matters, including inter-company claims, has ended without resolution of the matters in dispute. As previously announced, the Nortel entities that are in creditor protection proceedings in Canada, the United States, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as the Canadian Monitor, the U.S. Principal Officer, the U.S. Official Unsecured Creditors’ Committee, the Ad Hoc Bondholders Group and certain other interested parties, had entered into a confidential, non-binding mediation in an attempt to reach a consensual settlement of all material outstanding inter-estate matters. Mediation sessions were first held in November 2010 and again from April 11 to April 13, 2011.

In light of the unsuccessful conclusion of the mediation process, delays in the ultimate resolution of allocation and inter-company claims matters potentially could be significant. Such delays would result in a corresponding significant delay in the timing of distributions to holders of validated claims of the various estates.

Windstream announces proposed private offering of $500 million of senior notes due 2021

Windstream Corp. (Nasdaq: WIN) announced today that it intends to offer in a private placement $500 million aggregate principal amount of senior notes that will mature in 2021 and bear interest at a fixed rate. The offering is expected to be completed in late March 2011, subject to market and other conditions.

If the offering is successfully placed, Windstream expects to increase the maximum amount of 8.625% Senior Notes due 2016 it is seeking in its previously announced tender offer.

Cisco’s IRIS Router in Space Major Milestone with in-orbit testing for the United States Department of Defense

Cisco announced today that its Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) technology has achieved another major milestone with the successful completion of in-orbit testing for the United States Department of Defense. The first-ever deployment of an Internet Protocol (IP) router aboard a commercial satellite, this milestone represents another step in IRIS’ viability as a next-generation resource for the military and commercial satellite communications.

Cisco IRIS Router

The IRIS router supports network services for voice, video and data communications, helping enable government agencies, military units and allied forces to communicate with one another using IP and existing ground equipment. This offers several enhancements over conventional satellite technology and eliminates the need to send data to and from an extra ground station, which can be expensive and time-consuming. IRIS was launched on Intelsat’s IS-14 satellite on Nov. 23, 2009.

Demonstration Facts:

  • IRIS is a program to build a radiation-tolerant IP router for satellite and related spacecraft.
  • The IRIS Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) is a Department of Defense (DoD) demonstration program managed by a Cisco-led Industry Management Team that included Intelsat General. It is the first commercially-sponsored JCTD and represents a new model for closer collaboration between government and industry.
  • During the JCTD evaluation, IRIS services were tested by US DoD and global governmental users in real-world scenarios, both on land and at sea. In each instance, IRIS was able to provide on-demand connectivity and enhance the mission effectiveness of these users. The JCTD evaluation also featured real-time collaboration applications over satellite including virtual private networks and video and file transfers.

Proven outcomes of the IRIS JCTD included:

  • High availability: 99.95% router availability during the IRIS JCTD provided the foundation for mission critical operations.
  • Seamless, high performance global IP communications: Applications including voice over IP and video and file transfers performed equally well regardless of terminal location, demonstrating communications performance equal to traditional, land-based networks.
  • Secure, flexible IP Virtual Private Networks: In support of mission and connectivity requirements that change in real-time, two discreet VPN networks were continuously maintained via the IRIS platform which ensured uninterrupted, highly secure communications.
  • Enhanced, real-time operations collaboration: IRIS provided real-time chat/voice and web portal services that were quickly and easily accessible from any terminal, ensuring fast and effective coordination and communications in response to events and conditions.
  • Following this JCTD completion, the IRIS payload is undergoing extended commercial and government testing for up to 12 months to demonstrate its viability for additional applications for the at-large satellite networking ecosystem.
  • The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) will be offering IRIS services to its Dept. of Defense programs later in the year for additional testing in various scenarios.

“Cisco’s IRIS technology has successfully demonstrated how to transform the way the government uses satellite services for military and other communications,” said Michael Florio, JCTD operational manager, Space and Defense Battle Lab. “We are pleased that Cisco and its partners have validated this transformational technology, and we look forward to the next stage of integrating this program into the Department of Defense.”

Cisco and our customers are redefining how satellite communications are delivered and enhancing the capabilities of network communications.

PAETEC Adds New Rate Centers and Ethernet Local Loops in 19 States

PAETEC Holding Corp. (NASDAQ GS: PAET), a FORTUNE 1000 company which provides data, voice, and Internet solutions to business-class customers nationwide, announced that is has expanded its local telephone service to 92 additional rate centers across 19 states during the first six months of 2010. The rate center expansion allows PAETEC to provision its business-class local services in additional areas nationwide.

Additionally, PAETEC announced expanded Ethernet local loop capability of up to one Gbps in six new cities including Binghamton, NY; Detroit; Houston; Hudson Valley, NY; Providence; RI; and Springfield, IL with Portland, ME planned to be opened shortly. Ethernet local loops offer connection speeds dramatically faster than traditional methods while simplifying the management for customers.

“Our primary focus while expanding our footprint and last mile options is to simply serve our customers better, wherever they have needs in the continental United States,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing John Chapman. “Our target customer has multiple sites and diversity needs and this continued expansion allows us to offer our complete product portfolio in more areas than most of our competitors.”

In addition to its local service rate centers, PAETEC can serve most areas of the United States with Internet, Advanced VPN Applications, Security Solutions, Conferencing Services, Fixed Wireless, long distance service and many other communication services.

U.S. Secret Service & Verizon to Join Forces on 2010 Data Breach Investigations Report

As part of its continuing effort to better understand security breaches and how they can be prevented, Verizon is joining forces with the United States Secret Service on this year’s Data Breach Investigations Report.

The 2010 DBIR, slated to be issued this summer, will feature aggregated findings from Verizon’s own caseload as well as hundreds of computer crime cases investigated by the Secret Service, in a first-of-its-kind collaboration.

By including Secret Service data, Verizon security researchers expect to gain a unique perspective on data breaches, including what happens after a breach to identify suspects, make arrests, and extradite foreign nationals, and how cybercriminals are prosecuted, among other new findings.

“Verizon is significantly broadening the scope of the 2010 DBIR to gain new insight into how data breaches occur, especially in the consumer sector,” said Peter Tippett, vice president of technology and innovation for Verizon Business. “With a greatly expanded dataset, this year’s report will give a more accurate picture of data breaches around the globe while delving into new areas in an effort to better arm organizations worldwide in the fight against cybercrime.”

Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident-Sharing Framework at Work
In cooperation with Verizon, the Secret Service is using the Verizon Incident Sharing, or VERIS, framework — a not-for-profit, open-source structure to describe security incidents — to classify and analyze its 2009 breaches. Earlier this year, Verizon began publicly sharing this research framework, which the company uses to collect and analyze security-incident data for its landmark data breach investigations reports.

The VERIS framework will enable Verizon security researchers to compare the Secret Service’s caseload data with Verizon’s historical dataset to gain a better understanding of how security breaches occur and what can be done to better manage risk.

“Combating computer-related crimes targeting the U.S. financial infrastructure is a top Secret Service priority,” said Secret Service Assistant Director for Investigations Michael Merritt. “We are proud to partner with our colleagues in the private sector, academia and at all levels of government to better identify and prevent these insidious attacks.”

About United States Secret Service
The U.S. Secret Service has taken a lead role in mitigating the threat of financial crimes since the agency’s inception in 1865. As technology has evolved, the scope of the U.S. Secret Service’s mission has expanded from its original counterfeit currency investigations to also include emerging financial crimes alongside its protective mission. As a component agency within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Secret Service has established successful partnerships in both the law enforcement and business communities – across the country and around the world – in order to effectively combat financial crimes.