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Dialer Traffic Friendly Wholesale SIP Termination Launched

TelecomSupportDesk.com today announced the launch of a new service that is intended to relieve the pain which many telemarketing firms are faced with: dialer friendly wholesale SIP termination. The problem that many telemarketers and call centers experience in today’s telecom environment, is that telecom carriers do not seem to want their business. SIP termination, the VoIP protocol used with predictive dialers, is crucial to these call centers to operate their daily business. However as soon as most SIP termination providers notice the traffic these call centers are sending them is dialer traffic, they get hit with outrageous penalties and surcharges.

“We have seen many call centers being slapped with penalties like one cent per call that does not complete”, TelecomSupportDesk.com’s VP of sales Mike Storm commented. “At the end of the month this results in a bill that is outrageously higher than what would be expected based upon the SIP termination rates”. With their new dialer friendly SIP termination product they hope to alleviate this pain.

The TelecomSupportDesk’s new wholesale SIP termination product welcomes dialer traffic. With the portfolio of different downstream carriers, they are able to take aboard any call center regardless of their SIP traffic’s ALOC and ASR. By offering a solid ratedeck without “billing tricks” or other surprises, TelecomSupportDesk hopes to become the go-to source for SIP termination that is dialer friendly.

For more information about dialer friendly SIP termination, customers are welcomed to visit http://telecomsupportdesk.com/dialer-traffic.html

AboveNet Agility Guarantee

aboveNETAboveNet, Inc., (NYSE:ABVT)has announced its industry-leading low latency guarantee. The program, called the Agility Guarantee, will offer customers ultra-low latency performance across the entire array of metro wave and Ethernet services that AboveNet provides in the top 15 U.S. markets.

AboveNet Chief Technology Officer, Rajiv Datta, said,

Covad Increases Bandwidth Offerings upto DS3

covadCovad Communications Company has completed the next phase of its broader network transformation strategy by building out its access portfolio with the introduction of DS3 service for performance-intensive applications and enterprise connectivity, as well as higher-bandwidth bonded T1 offerings up to 12.0 Mbps. Covad has also introduced network-wide Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities to enable partners to layer on value-added services and applications.

“Covad is rapidly evolving its network to create an intelligent broadband services platform that partners can use to expand their offerings, reach more customers, and increase revenues,” said Young-Sae Song, vice president of marketing for Covad Wholesale. “Covad’s application-aware network capabilities allow our partners to customize network performance for specific applications, like VoIP, video conferencing, and software as a service (SaaS).”

In February, Covad completed a nationwide MPLS deployment and network capacity upgrades that included metro optical rings with up to OC-192 (10 Gbps) capacity. Continue reading Covad Increases Bandwidth Offerings upto DS3

Avaya and IBM strengthen Relationship

avayaAvaya and IBM have announced that they will be expanding their current relationship. The focus will be on Security Interopability and Unified Communications. Furthermore, IBM will be implementing Avaya Aura in their existing converged communications services.

As part of the expanded alliance, the companies will jointly deliver unified communications solutions that streamline mission critical and complex communication systems, achieve rapid return on investment and improve productivity by helping to allow users to communicate anytime from anywhere, regardless of device or network. In addition, Avaya has certified the IBM Internet Security Systems’ Proventia GX 5208

Wholesale Voice Customers Finally Get A Break

Wholesale VoIP customers are going through rough times. Rate increases, additional tariffs and even penalties for a low ALOC (Average Length Of Call) or ASR are common practice with carriers across the board.

However, the TelecomSupportDesk today announced an innovative initiative where such customers with a call volume of over 300k calls per month terminating in the United States can claim their portion of these surcharges – compensation that would otherwise go to the originating ILEC or CLEC.

According to Mark Breeze at TelecomSupportDesk this can add up to significant sums of money. “We are talking tenths of pennies per call, which does not sound that significant. But we see customers doing millions of calls per month and with that kind of volume, it surely starts to add up”.

It is a change that can be done in minutes and you don’t even have to change your calling route or provider to take advantage of this ‘loophole’ that local phone companies try to keep hidden. To find out exactly how this works and what is involved; companies can request additional information at dipfees.com

Alcatel Lucent Q1 2009 results


Alcatel Lucent KEY NUMBERS Q1 2009

  • Revenues of Euro 3.598 billion, down 6.9% year-over-year
  • Adjusted2 gross profit of Euro 1.133 billion or 31.5% of revenues
  • Adjusted2 operating income1 of Euro (254) million or (7.1)% of revenues
  • Operating cash flow3 of Euro (43) million
  • Net debt of Euro (841) million as of March 31, 2009
  • Full-year 2009 guidance to break-even at the adjusted operating income level reiterated


Ben Verwaayen, CEO, commented:

Ben Verwaayen

Polycom VVX 1500 introduced


The Polycom VVX 1500 is the first of its kind business media phone combining advanced IP telephony with business-class video and the ability to integrate with key business applications

PLEASANTON, Calif. – Mar 09, 2009 : Polycom, Inc. [Nasdaq: PLCM], the global leader in telepresence, video, and voice communications solutions, has redefined desktop communications with the introduction of its first business media phone, the Polycom VVXTM 1500. Continue reading Polycom VVX 1500 introduced