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100 Mbps Ethernet over Copper

PAETEC Holding Corp. (NASDAQ GS: PAET) has enabled its network with 100 Mbps Ethernet over Copper (EoC) technology leveraging Overture Networks‘ next generation Carrier Ethernet edge and aggregation platforms.

Overture’s industry-leading EoC technology and features allow PAETEC to leverage the qualifying existing copper infrastructure currently utilizing up to 15 Mbps per copper pair to deliver as much as 100 Mbps access directly to customers, supporting unprecedented bandwidth at a dramatically reduced cost compared to traditional SONET offerings. PAETEC has more than 370 central offices (COs) directly connected to its fiber network with additional COs planned this year.

“As one of the largest providers of EoC in the United States, we are leading the way with one of the fastest offerings on the market,” said Clint Heiden, president of national accounts and fiber services, PAETEC. “Our dense footprint allows us to offer multiple access media and speeds to meet the diverse needs of our customers, including Ethernet over Copper, fiber, and fixed wireless.”

In addition to direct access for PAETEC retail customers, wholesale customers also can establish one or more Ethernet Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs) with PAETEC to drive down access charges and reach more than 200,000 business locations.

“As the demand for expanded Ethernet services accelerates, PAETEC, with its broad central office footprint, is well prepared to deliver unparalleled bandwidth and best-in-class Ethernet services that today’s enterprise and wholesale customers have been waiting for,” said Kevin Sheehan, president, Overture Networks. “As the recognized technology, innovation and market leader in Ethernet over Copper solutions, Overture is excited to partner with PAETEC for its launch of 100 Mbps services.”

XO Launches Nationwide 40 Gbps Network Services

XO Communications (OTCBB: XOHO) today announced the availability of 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) network services in all major metropolitan markets the company serves across the United States. The new capabilities are designed to meet growing demand for ultra high-bandwidth and low latency network connectivity by enterprise and wholesale customers.

Today, large enterprises and service providers are increasingly looking for more cost-effective, higher speed network connectivity options to manage larger volumes of network traffic and achieve ultra-low latency for applications running across their networks. Companies such as large financial institutions and financial trading firms require network connectivity at the fastest speeds possible in order to receive market data, analyze the data and then place an order in a matter of milliseconds. For wireless service providers, they will continue to need higher-bandwidth connections in order to cost-effectively manage the significant growth of mobile network traffic resulting from 3G and new 4G wireless data applications.

The new XO 40 Gbps network offerings provide the broadest nationwide availability and bring all the operational and performance benefits customers need in order to manage more bandwidth more cost-effectively. The new capabilities include:

* 40 Gbps Wavelength services: Allow customers to use a single 40 Gbps link for ultra high-bandwidth network connections between two locations and provides operational benefits of managing one link instead of purchasing multiple 10 Gbps links.
* 40 Gbps IP Transit services: Allow customers to aggregate large volumes of Internet traffic over a single connection and not have to manage multiple dedicated Internet access circuits.

NuVox Launches SIP Trunking Services

NuvoxNuVox announced the availability of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking to customers in the Southeast and Midwest. SIP Trunking helps businesses establish more efficient bandwidth along with enhanced voice and data connections to the web, PSTN, and private MPLS data networking services.

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XO 10 Gigs in 10 Days offer extended

XO Communications announced an extension of two services campaigns that offer the industry’s most competitive rates and guarantees for high-capacity network services delivered over its advanced nationwide inter- city and metro networks. The two campaigns, “10 Gigs in 10 Days” and the “3 Guarantee Program” will be extended through March 31, 2008 as a result of their previous success.The first service guarantee addresses the prolonged provisioning delays wholesale customers face in obtaining high-capacity network services from their current network services provider. The second program provides increased installation and competitive price incentives for customers to leverage XO’s suite of inter-city and metro network transport solutions, including Ethernet, IP Transit, and Wavelength services.

“Since unveiling these service guarantees, we’ve received a tremendous response from customers that need faster provisioning of high-capacity network services,” said Ernie Ortega, president of XO Carrier Services. “Our continuing investments to expand the capabilities of our IP and transport networks are paying off as we are able to respond quickly to customer demand and provide them with the capacity and services they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.”

XO “10 Gigs in 10 Days” Guarantee

The XO “10 Gigs in 10 Days” Guarantee is an industry-first installation guarantee that offers wholesale customers the ability to order 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps high capacity network transport services and have them provisioned in 10 business days across select major coast-to-coast routes on the XO network. Under the guarantee, if XO Communications fails to install the service within business 10 days, the customer will be eligible for a one month service credit for each year of the customer’s contract.

3 Guarantee Program

Under the 3 Guarantee Program, XO will continue to offer wholesale customers the following guarantees to beat valid competing offers for comparable long haul and high-capacity network services:

  1. Best Price Guarantee: XO will beat competing prices for 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps Wavelength services and 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Ethernet services along select major XO network routes;
  2. Install Guarantee: XO will provide a one month service credit for these Ethernet, IP Transit and Wavelength services if it fails to meet the agreed upon service delivery date;
  3. 90-Day Risk Free Trial Guarantee: XO will allow customers to trial its IP Transit service for one 90-day period without commitment. If the customer is not satisfied, the customer only pays for the services used under the trial.

The XO nationwide network connects 75 major metropolitan markets across the United States. In addition, XO Communications has approximately one million fiber miles of metro fiber in major markets across the United States. With its extensive nationwide and metro fiber network assets, XO offers wholesale customers network transport services that provide door-to-door delivery of customers’ traffic including:

  • Ethernet services from GigE to 10 Gbps speeds
  • IP Transit services from OC-3 to OC-192 speeds
  • Private Line services from OC-3 to OC-192 speeds
  • Other high capacity transport services at 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps speeds

XO 10 Gigs in 10 Days

RESTON, VA – XO Communications today announced the completion of its 800 Gigabit (Gbps) capacity upgrade on major coast-to-coast routes of its nationwide fiber optic network and the unveiling of a new, groundbreaking installation guarantee for wholesale customers that need faster provisioning of high-capacity network services.

As a result of the explosion in customer driven demand for bandwidth-intensive Web 2.0 applications and services including online video streaming, rich multi-media content, wireless data, HD video, and higher-speed broadband offerings, service providers such as cable companies, content providers and wireless and wireline telecommunications companies are facing increased demands on their networks for more capacity. Despite this demand for increased network capacity, many wholesale customers face prolonged provisioning delays with their current network services provider.


XO wins Best-in-Class Wholesale Metro Carrier Service Awards

XO Communications, a leading provider of 21st century communications for businesses and communications service providers, today announced that it has received two Best-in-Class Metro Wholesale awards from ATLANTIC-ACM, a Boston-based telecommunications industry research consultancy. The awards, which are based on customer feedback, were presented today at the COMPTEL Plus Fall 2007 Convention & Expo in Dallas.

XO Communications is a leading provider of wholesale voice, data, IP and network transport services. The company won awards for Best-in-Class Metro Wholesale Services in the following categories: