Cisco study predicts Shortage of IT Professionals

Cisco, in collaboration with the Cisco Learning Institute, announced the results of a study on networking labor needs in North America. According to an IDC white paper sponsored by Cisco Learning Institute, “Networking Skills in North America: Trends, Gaps and Strategies,” there is a 60,000-person shortfall between the supply of networking talent and the market demand for highly skilled information technology (IT) workers in the workforce today. As the demand grows for IT professionals, who now represent 14 percent of the workforce, this gap is expected to continue through 2011.

Their estimates suggest that demand for professionals with computer networking skills in the United States and Canada will outpace the supply of workers with those skills by an average of 8 percent per year through 2011, amounting to a shortage of about 60,000 full-time workers each year.

The researchers surveyed 500 employers about their expected needs for skills and combined it with labor market and technology market trends to project the availability of and demand for networking skilled personnel in North America from 2008 through 2011. According to the study, the skills shortage gap is particularly acute in specialty areas such as voice and wireless, in which the gap reaches 37 and 19 percent, respectively. Network security also will have a significant gap by 2011 at 11 percent, equating to a shortage of 34,000 security-skilled workers.

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